Ever experienced a cold, flu, or other sickness? Your computer systems are susceptible to intrusions & engineered attacks just like your body. These malicious programs are known as malware & cause major losses to businesses & individuals around the world. Malware includes but is not limited to: Viruses, Trojans, RansomWare, Spyware, AdWare, Worms, & Phishing.
We cannot prevent an attacker from trying to steal information or resources but we can set up technology, software, & solutions that will prevent them from succeeding.


Let us get the harmful software out of your Windows, Mac, Android, or Apple device today.

Let us help you protect your family, business, & personal life from malicious software & cyber-criminals.



Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP's) are software & apps that do not necessarily introduce security threats or privacy risks to a user but do compromise a systems stability & resources. These programs usually run in the background & consume large amounts of computing resources & make your system generally less efficient.


Viruses are software intrusions introduced in the same way a real virus is, person-to-person. You may have received an innocent e-mail or file from a colleague rife with security & privacy threats. We use software that detects these & removes them. This anti-virus software updates itself with daily virus definitions to ensure you stay safe.


Spyware is software that usually accompanies other app & software downloads. This type of malware can collect your information & data in the background & submit it to the developers without your knowledge or consent. We analyze systems to find this type of malware & ensure your data & information stays where you want.


Trojans are generally programs designed to harm your system files or take control of your system. They hide themselves as benign software (a.k.a. Trojan name) & are usually a one-shot type attack. While they often do not spread like viruses they are often used in targeted attacks against specific & unknowing victims. We can help remove these.


Ransomware is malicious code that hijacks your system & effectively locks you out by encrypting your drive unless you pay to have it removed. This type of attack is generally not interested in your personal data or system resources so much as the attacker just wants to hold you captive for money. We can help prevent this from happening.‚Äč


Phishing is a socially-engineered attack that tricks you into thinking you're submitting information or credentials to a legitimate service when it is actually a criminal element. Anti-malware software can protect you from making simple mistakes & help you identify attacks like these. We can help secure your devices against these subtle attacks.

We cannot guarantee you'll never be targeted but with the right software & some basic security understanding we can provide you, your company, or your organization with the tools & knowledge to stay safe online.


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